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April 10th, 2008 4:33 PM

Let's take a look at what has happened in Naples over the past 8 days.

Properties in Condominium Ownership

Active Listings:    5,635

Pending Sales:    418        From 01/01/2008-04/10/2008

Closed Sales:    566          From 01/01/2008-04/10/2008

Properties in Single Family Ownership

Active Listings:    6,138

Pending Sales:    447        From 01/01/2008-04/10/2008

Closed Sales:    496          From 01/01/2008-04/10/2008

It appears that the number of condominiums in the pending sales category has drop a bit, while the number of pending single family homes has increased.  I have yet to see a mass exodus of our winter residents.  Could it be that the rotten weather up North is making our snow birds roost a bit longer?  Some of these people are waiting until the end of season before they make their minds up if they will buy this year.

If you are a buyer "waiting" for that "steal" by the beach, I'd advise you to make a decision to purchase now.  From what I can see their aren't any "steals" near the beach and I don't think there will be in the near future.  There is however, I good selection of homes near the beach that are waiting for buyers.  If you do your homework, with the help of a Realtor, a buyer should be able to find a good value near the beach today.

After suffering through the cold, rainy, gray suicide days in Chicago, I never thought I would be happy to report that it has been raining in Naples!  There was an article in the Naples Daily News this morning reporting that our water restrictions may be lessened.

Anyone in the market to buy a building on Fifth Avenue South?  The asking price as reported in the Naples Daily News is $3,950,000.00.  The sale of this building may displace some long time business owners.  Given the age of this building, I wonder if a buyer is going to tear it down and build something new. Hmmmm, food for thought.

Hurricane season is just around the corner and the noted hurricane forecaster, William Gray and his team, have revised their first forecast to 15 named storms in the Atlantic this year with at least one major hurricane hitting the U.S.  Mr. Gray and his team have been off with their predictions before and I sincerely hope they are off again this year.

June - November is hurricane season.  If you live in Naples during that time, it is always a good idea to be prepared.  I have several links on my home page for weather and hurricane information that you might find helpful. has an excellent hurricane resource site.


Welcome to Naples!

Naples is a beautiful place to live at any time of the year!

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