Frequently Needed Pelican Bay Numbers


Emergency 911
North Naples Fire Department 239-597-3222
Sheriff's Department 239-597-1607
Beach Store 239-513-0222
Catering 239-596-6180 x247
Club Pelican Bay 239-597-1183
Comcast (cable TV) 239-793-3577
Community Center 239-597-8877
Covenant Enforcement 239-596-6180 x237
Creekside Post Office 239-513-9161
Century Link (Phone Service) 800-339-1811
Fitness Center 239-597-8877 x104
Florida Power and Light 239-262-1322
Foundation Commons 239-597-8081
Foundation Commons(Fax) 239-597-6802
Guest Passes
Information (Activities/Programs) 239-597-8877 x100
Information (Membership/Guest Cards) 239-597-8081
Information (general) 239-596-6180
Mailbox Repairs 239-591-4131
North Tennis Center 239-597-8877 x106
Pelican Bay Property Owners Association 239-566-9707
Pelican Bay Services Division 239-597-1749
Sailboat Information 239-597-8877 x100
Sandbar South Beach Restaurant
Marker36 Restaurant
South Tennis Center 239-597-4497
Sunset Café 239-596-4799
Solid Waste (Trash Pickup) 239-403-2367
Water/Sewer Problems 239-530-6245

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