Seller's Estimated Expenses



Listing Price $____________
List to Sale Differential _____________
 1.  Unpaid balance of Mortgage $____________
 2.  Mortgage prepayment penalty (if any) $____________
 3. Unpaid tax pro- rations to Buyer $____________
 4.  Attorney's fee $____________
 5.  Seller's title Charges (estimate) $____________
 6.  Deed tax stamps (.70 per $100.00) $____________
 7.  Survey $____________
 8.  Brokerage fee $____________
 9.  FHA or VA discount (if any) $____________
10. Termite inspection for VA (if any) $____________
11. American Home Shield Policy $____________
12. Proration of Maintenance fee $____________
13. Condo Document Fee $____________
TOTAL DEDUCTIONS $____________


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