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Store Openings in Naples FL
October 12th, 2008 1:37 PM

There have been several recent store openings in Naples.  One of the most advertised was Whole Foods.  The store is located at 9101 Strada Place, which is off 41 just North of the Walgreens at Vanderbilt and 41.  It is on the East side of 41 in the new Mercato Center.

After work the other day, I visited the store. I have to tell you this store is HUGE!  They have a full-service and self-service hot bar, salad bar, soup bar and dessert bar.  There is also a deli counter with cold prepared foods you can heat at home.  Since I was tired from working, I splurged buying some pre made turkey meatloaf, wild rice and roasted vegetables.  Nothing is as good as home cooking but this was fast, easy and tasted fine.  Come this season, I imagine that this place will be a mad house.  The service people in the store were all friendly and willing to explain the products and where they were located in the store.

In my errand running this week I also stopped into the newly opened Kohl's located at 6381 Naples BLVD.  The store is near the Best Buy and Costco for those of you not familiar with the street name.  As I entered the store, imagine my surprise seeing a rainbow forming over the building!

Good luck for the new Kohl's in Naples?

My little phone camera does a pretty good job, doesn't it? I did not purchase anything in this store as all the clothing displayed was WINTER clothing.  This post menopausal woman would die of the heat wearing these clothes in Naples.  I imagine our Northern visitors will find some good values in this store. 

My errands that day were filled with rainbows!

Rainbows in Naples make shopping fun!

If you look closely you can almost see the double rainbow in this photo:

Double Rainbows in Naples!

Big Cypress Market Place opened October 10th.  It is located on 41 East about 4 miles East of Collier BLVD.  This is an air-conditioned flea market that currently has about 150 vendors. 

The long awaited opening of Nordstrom's is planned for November 7th.  This store will be located in the Waterside shops.

With all that has gone on with the economy in the last few weeks, I wish all these new stores well.  The stock market's wild ride has decreased many people's portfolios and made people afraid of buying ANYTHING let alone real estate.

I have a friend of mine who keeps talking about buying real estate when there is blood in the streets.  He is right.  In times of unrest the best buys are normally found.  If you are looking to buy that second home in Naples, now may be the time.

Sellers, I have said this before and I will say it again.  If you do not have to sell your home, GET IT OFF THE MARKET! Hoping a buyer will agree to your price is not realistic in today's market.

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